Writers, check this out… Dan Brown Online Writing Class

This is very interesting – best-selling author Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code, etc.) offers an online writing course! My goodness! (Uh-oh, Dan, get HTTPS on your site today, as it now says “Not Secure” in the web address bar. Google Overlord gives that the big frownie in search, although the NSA prob’ly doesn’t care.)

Are You a Frustrated Author?

Are you a person who has great ideas and can turn a phrase, but struggles with plot, and the ending? Well, I bet that this class would be a helpful thing for you. In fact, I’m sure it would be a helpful thing FOR ME. Shall I sign up? Very possibly – as soon as I finish editing the book I’m working on now.

Here’s a clip from the webpage:


“In his first-ever online class, best-selling author Dan Brown teaches you his step-by-step process for turning ideas into page-turning novels.”

I think that’s the whole issue – the process. It is a process. Now, in school I used to write papers without an outline. They were perfect. I did the outline LAST. However, today I’m gonna need a process. Know your strengths & weaknesses and use both – it’s the way to get things done.

And once you finish your work, be ye Dan Brown himself, a writer not-yet-published, the cat lady down the street, a financial analyst, commercial fisherman, or set-trippin’ banger, each of you – EACH of YOU – shall require a proofreader/editor. You’re welcome – my email address is DayLaborProofing@gmail.com.

Expert proofreader and editor, graduate of The University of Texas at Austin (B.A. in American Studies; minors in Psychology and German Language). Background in various fields, including admin assistant in law office, university dept. of psychology, career counseling practice; assistant to entrepreneurs; skip-trace agent for asset recovery; health food café jack-of-all-trades; telecom customer service rep; TV air-time sales agent; high-end retail clerk; web/Internet researcher; along with 25+ years of freelance proofreading, editing, & writing.
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