Save Time & Money

Proofreading saves you time, money, and frustration – it’s like getting your car checked out before that long road trip.

The car may look great at the curb all washed and waxed, but ideally you look under the hood before merging onto the interstate.

In the same vein, once your document is complete, the proofreader gives it that final read-through to address any issues that are hidden from you, the creator. The proofreader will find the usual suspects of typos, usage, unintended double entendre, as well as inconsistencies in tone and presentation. 

Why not proof it yourself?

Because in proofreading your own work, your brain will literally show you what should be there. You wrote it, and you know how it should read, so the brain completes the pattern and fills in the blank.

A missing word can exist in your mind but not on the page. An outside agent, uninvolved in the original creative process, is your best bet for a clean document.

Full Service Proofing & Editing

At Day Labor Proofing, editing is an important part of proofreading. For instance, if a sentence is awkward, it is marked and an improved version is suggested. If a paragraph can be improved by reordering the sentences, that will be done. That’s technically called “line editing,” and it is a part of the DLP process.

Please contact Day Labor Proofing with any questions about proofreading, editing, and how this can help your book, article, or correspondence. Contact Shelley Fleming at

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