Why do I list my non-industry jobs below?

… I’ll tell you – I learned something very important in each of them. They are all important to me. While an expert in this field – finding & fixing errors and awkwardness in written material – I treasure being a generalist who can do many other things well. Trust me: you would absolutely want me on your trivia team down at the pub.

It appears that today I’m using my website as a journal. Must be a reason for that. Oh, there’s a story in there somewhere … and as for your story, whether it’s an annual report, a company brochure, a novel or family history, be sure and get a real proofreader + editor to take a look. Though AI may end up taking all our jobs, Grammarly is most definitely not going to do that just yet ….

Expert proofreader and editor, graduate of The University of Texas at Austin (B.A. in American Studies; minors in Psychology and German Language). Background in various fields, including admin assistant in law office, university dept. of psychology, career counseling practice; assistant to entrepreneurs; skip-trace agent for asset recovery; health food café jack-of-all-trades; telecom customer service rep; TV air-time sales agent; high-end retail clerk; web/Internet researcher; along with 25+ years of freelance proofreading, editing, & writing.
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