Safety Certificate SSL ERROR – Now Fixed, March 2019

Hmm, I did renew an SSL Safety Certificate through Comodo, and cPanel says it’s ACTIVE, and yet, here it says that the site is not safe, and I get “expired” messages.

Solution: Off to contact customer support for my valued domain host, Namecheap.

AND we have … SUCCESS! Here’s my tech tip: When you repeatedly try to follow the instructions (DOH!) and it’s not working, then contact Customer Support. What was I waiting for?

By the way, WordPress “improved itself” again and the post creation area is so stripped down it’s confusing. Oh, I shall prevail here, too …

Moral of story? You’re working on the weekend, your document is done – get that 3rd party proofreader to check it before you click send. That would be me … contact

Expert proofreader and editor, graduate of The University of Texas at Austin (B.A. in American Studies; minors in Psychology and German Language). Background in various fields, including admin assistant in law office, university dept. of psychology, career counseling practice; assistant to entrepreneurs; skip-trace agent for asset recovery; health food café jack-of-all-trades; telecom customer service rep; TV air-time sales agent; high-end retail clerk; web/Internet researcher; along with 25+ years of freelance proofreading, editing, & writing.
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