Hiring DLP

First, contact me, Shelley Fleming, so we can discuss your project or idea. This consultation is at no charge, and there is no obligation to hire me.

How long will this take?

Each project, book or otherwise, is different. Some require more straight proofreading and light editing, while others require greater editing with more “heavy lifting,” so to speak. Length of manuscript also plays a role.

For books or magazines, a pretty accurate estimate can be reached by sampling 3 or 4 pages, and then predicting that the rest of the manuscript will require roughly the same amount of work per page.

Does it take just one read-through?

In a perfect world, there should always be more than one read-through. Here’s why:

  • Proofer reads manuscript and corrects errors, making edits & suggestions to improve clarity
  • Author then examines edits and can accept, reject, or rework the text

Each time the manuscript is touched, unintended errors can occur, so ideally there will be at least one final read-through by the proofer before publication.

Understanding the writer’s goals for the project will help make the best possible decisions.

To Finish, Start Today

The most important thing is to complete your project. Start it today, or write a single paragraph if that’s all you can manage. Crank out an outline; take action! Persistence is the key. Then we can get to the part where yes, you need a proofreader/editor ….

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