My name is Shelley Fleming and I’m the proofer/editor at Day Labor Proofreading & Editing Services.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Contact me to discuss your project at no charge. Email for initial contact is best, then I can call you back or respond via email – your choice.

Everyone Needs a Proofer/Editor

Are you in advertising or marketing? Then you’ve seen the errors that occur when the proofreader is cut out of the process due to time or money constraints, and the “we’ll proof it ourselves” practice. You understand that the brain shows you what should be there, even when it’s missing. The outside proofreader is the solution to this issue.

If you have a story to tell and want to write, go for it! One of my clients was actually told “you could never write a book.” A teacher told him that. But that didn’t stop him. If someone told YOU that, throw that poison right out and start your project.

The proofer/editor is your ally that will polish up your text and ensure your message is clear. And everybody needs an editor – even the author who has written multiple books. In fact, I guarantee such authors have one or two of them.

To discuss your project, whether small or large, contact Day Labor Proofing via email at

Thank you for visiting Day Labor Proofing.

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