Safety Certificate SSL ERROR – Now Fixed, March 2019

Hmm, I did renew an SSL Safety Certificate through Comodo, and cPanel says it’s ACTIVE, and yet, here it says that the site is not safe, and I get “expired” messages.

Solution: Off to contact customer support for my valued domain host, Namecheap.

AND we have … SUCCESS! Here’s my tech tip: When you repeatedly try to follow the instructions (DOH!) and it’s not working, then contact Customer Support. What was I waiting for?

By the way, WordPress “improved itself” again and the post creation area is so stripped down it’s confusing. Oh, I shall prevail here, too …

Moral of story? You’re working on the weekend, your document is done – get that 3rd party proofreader to check it before you click send. That would be me … contact

New WordPress Theme…

All-ritey then. Some may notice I’ve switched WordPress themes at last, after complaining I couldn’t find the right one. Lo-and-behold, you ignore WordPress for a few months, and other themes pop up which may make you happier. I’m fairly happy with this theme. I shall attempt to add a video and see what hash I make of it.

I did buy a Udemy course in Joomla, as I couldn’t hack my way through Joomla intuitively, and make it do my bidding, which is how I learned HTML. However, I haven’t had the time to get to the course. So, I think this theme looks pretty clean and accessible to those who may be in search of a proofreader/editor. Or, as a friend of mine says, “you’re more of an EDITOR/proofreader.” Fair enough.

Spellcheck won’t find this: assess vs asses – P.S. They are different things

Well-well-well, what have we here? We got ourselves a little error, boys – wunna them thar errors that Google docs is blind to, one about which MS Word is abjectly clueless. Why I do declare! Yes, you do need a proofreader.

[Hey, I know there’s no SEO value in my first paragraph.]

Protect Your Brand with a Proofreader/Editor

Take a look at this, though: “assess” versus “asses

Mais oui, open punctuation intentional on the above paragraph.

One of those words means “to investigate” and the other means multiple burros, or multiple hindquarter regions of human beings or other critters. Talk about easy to miss! Do you speed-proofread? You may miss it. But when it prints on your email that reaches a wide audience, a few of them will pick it right out and have a hearty guffaw at the expense of your brand.

Just manually use the “find” feature for this one to be double-sure it’s not lurking in your document.

You’re welcome! And like they say, the first one’s always free ….


Neato Free Capitalization Tool – Yes, You STILL Need an Editor Though …

Do you have questions on what to capitalize in a title? Were you searching for a free capitalization tool? Despite your style knowledge (all those conflicting styles!), do you still have questions? Who amongst us has none? [I just used 4 question marks in an opening paragraph, yes!]

Emergency Capitalization Tool

So, through some mysterious process, in my web-perusal time I discovered this: Capitalize My Title. All those conflicting capitalization styles that make you want to pull your hair out – or better yet, have a go at someone else’s hair – have been analyzed and input into an app, or interface, or encoded into this tool, however you want to say it.

Been arguing with someone on whether AP Style lets you capitalize “is” in a title? Well, direct your opponent to Capitalize My Title. Just click a tab to select the style you wish to follow (APA, Chicago, AP, MLA, or “Default” – not sure what that is); type in your title, ensure the “Title Case” button is selected under the window where you enter your text, and start typing in that window. Boom, there you go.

Don’t Ditch Your Living, Breathing Editor Just Yet…

Nope, I sure don’t want AI and “tools” to take over the job of the proofreader/editor, just as I do not want a bossy AI robot to pilot my car and tell me, “I’m sorry Dave, I can’t do that.” However, when you are laboring furiously and perhaps cannot access your trusted editor or proofer, then have at it.

TIP: Even if a doc is written by an industry pro, verify names for companies & tools …

This goes under the don’t assume part of being a proofreader or editor (or secretary or admin assistant, etcetera). Long story short – VERIFY company names and names of tools and products. Even if the author is in the industry, misspellings or capitalization errors are common. Here are some examples:

WRONG     –     RIGHT

Hubspot        –     HubSpot

Pagespeed Insights       –      PageSpeed Insights

BaseCamp       –      Basecamp


Yes, a capital letter vs. lowercase may not seem like a critical failure, but the goal is zero distractions. If you have a name wrong in any sense, that’s a distraction and it could cost you.

I included the link for the “right” version so you can … verify for yourself! Feel free to not verify for yourself though – send me an email and I’ll verify everything for you. It’s pain-free!

Find the Perfect WordPress Theme – Because I Can’t

Have you found the perfect WordPress theme for your website? I have not. I’m fairly happy with the one currently in use, but not totally satisfied, and I switch themes frequently trying to find that sweet spot.

When I started* years ago, I made my own site with HTML. It wasn’t difficult, but I am not a designer. However, I was fairly pleased with the results!

Any tips or “hey, I love this theme” contributions are very welcome. Do drop me an email, as I’ve turned off comments to avoid the spam.


*  Note: I no longer own the URL for and therefore changed my business name to Day Labor Proofing.


Alternatives to Self-Publishing with Amazon –

Just today found another alternative to self-publishing with Amazon. This resource is called TheBookPatch, and looks to have great per-book prices. Yes, you can upload and order just one book.

In their words:

“From word one on page one to a book sold in our bookstore, TheBookPatch is a one-stop writing Print On Demand and self-publishing Web site for authors of all genres. Did we mention it’s completely free.”

Yes, TheBookPatch is free but of course you must pay for the books you print!

Looks like they have things covered, but note, they do not provide proofreading and editing – that’s where someone like me comes in. Click here to send me an email.

They will sell you an ISBN, too. Yes, you should probably use an ISBN, an “International Standard Book Number” for cataloging, ordering, and stock control. You have doubtless seen these on most modern books. The ISBN uses a barcode too, and that is part of the purchased ISBN.

How do you spell waa-la? Wala vs voila vs voilà …

Voila vs voilà

You’ve heard it, the word pronounced wah-la! as something is presented – wah-lah, here it is!

It’s a French word, and is spelled v-o-i-l-à. Use the accent-a at the end (called an accent grave – à) to render voilà, because without the accent it doesn’t mean the same thing. In brief:

  • viola is a musical instrument.
  • Voilà is French for “here it is!”

In the case of being casual or using humor, feel free to cut loose with any permutation you can, such as “wah-la, waa-lah” and so on. But don’t use “wallah” – no! That’s a different word entirely. A WALLAH is a person. The Chai Pilgrimage site defines it thusly: “A wallah is one who performs a specific task.”

So when it doubt, look it up, or contact me and I will! Hope this helped.


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