Your 1-stop proofreading and editing resource.

Advertising Collateral, Blogs, Books, Sites, Webpages, Correspondence & More

Day Labor Proofing (DLP) proofreads & edits written material in English, everything from single articles to full books. This includes brochures, websites or web pages, school magazines, annual reports, health insurance benefits guides, financial industry material, product packaging, and even sensitive correspondence. Contact DLP to discuss your needs at no charge.

Do I need proofreading & editing?

Yes – everyone needs a proofreader/editor. Proofreading your own work is a start, but you need an unbiased third party for the best results. Clients of Day Labor Proofing include ad agencies, authors, copywriters, graphic designers, professionals in various fields, and private schools – anyone requiring a confidential “word mechanic” and sounding board when creating their important message.

The Day Labor Proofing Process

DLP goes beyond simple proofreading. Yes – punctuation, correct usage, typos, and lapses in consistency will be corrected, but if meaning is confusing despite being “correct,” a suggestion to improve the sentence or paragraph will be made. The goal is always to deliver clean, accurate content bearing zero distractions.

DLP began as The Word Ranch, founded in 1994 by Shelley Fleming.

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